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porn-for-free-xxx.com "Karen, I'm going for a hot shower," Brenda said as the movie ended. "Want to join me?" She got up from the couch and stretched her arms over her head, her breasts pushed her T-shirt out as it rode up exposing her bare navel and bikini panties. It was Saturday and our parents were away for the weekend. My seventeen-year-old sister and I (I'm sixteen porn free xxx ) had decided to spend the evening at home watching TV. The main reason: neither one of us had a date.

"Sounds inviting," I said. "You get started while I clean up." I watched her head up the stairs, her long legs were tanned and slim, her bare feet padded on the carpet. Then I picked up the empty popcorn bowls and soda glasses and went to the kitchen. The movie we rented was very sexy with lots of nudity. Brenda and I had been laying on each end of our large living room couch. My hand had slipped down between my legs a few times during the really hot scenes, and I could tell from Brenda's squirming that she was enjoying herself too. By the end of the movie, I was definitely turned on and very wet. I knew from Brenda's suggestion that she was just as horny as I was.

Taking a shower together was not unusual; we loved getting being naked and touching. When we were younger, it was innocent, sisterly stuff; little fingers exploring under a nightie or a bathing suit. But as teenagers, there were times when it went a lot further. Like the first time Brenda made out with a boy. She raced home to tell me. I wanted to know how it felt so she showed me. From then on hardcore porn free , we would practice our kissing techniques on each other before we went out on a date. Sometimes I wondered which I liked more, making out with my sister or my boyfriends.

We shared a large bedroom with two beds, but in the winter we would often sleep together. Many nights, we would snuggle up to get warm and our hands would wander, explore, search. It was so erotic to fall asleep with our bodies entwined and my hand between Brenda's legs or hers holding my breast. One night, I woke up to feel her finder inside me. She must have been having a very wet dream, she was fingering me in her sleep. I thought it was so adorable and returned the favor.

The memory sent a tingle down between my legs as I finished cleaning up the kitchen and headed up stairs to our parent's huge bathroom. It had a whirlpool and double-headed shower. I could see Brenda through the steamy glass shower doors. She had her head tilted back letting the hot water wash over her face. Her small breasts pointed straight out. As she turned around, I could see the V-shaped patch of fur over her crotch that pointed like an arrow to her slit. I had trimmed it for her only a few days before and called it my "get to the point" design.

I pulled my T-shirt over my head and pushed my panties down my legs. The crotch was still wet from the movie. Sliding the glass door open, I stepped inside as the steam rushed up and surrounded me.

"We need a wash cloth," I said, and turned to go get one.

"Wait, Karen." Brenda held my arm. "Just your hands."

"You're such a bad girl," I said as she pulled me into the two streams of water.

Brenda handed me a bar of soap and turned to face the marble wall. "Do my back."

I lathered up my hands and rubbed them in big circles over her back starting at her shoulders and working my way down. Brenda leaned forward placing her hands on the wall, her head faced down between her arms as the hot water sprayed over her. I increased my circles to include her ribs and hips, letting my hands reach around to sweep over her breasts. Every second or third time, I would stop at her nipples and give them extra attention; they hardened at my touch. I ran my hands along her arms stopping to gently rub her underarms. My sister was very sensitive there and had told me that when I kissed or caressed her underarms, it sent sparks shooting down between her legs. I hoped it was working now.

From there, I lathered up the soap again and worked my way down to her bottom. And what a thing of beauty: tight and perfectly shaped. Brenda's clothes clung so nicely to it; I know because I watched it just as much as everyone else did when she walked down the hall at school.

Brenda and I loved to play little sex games when we were in public. Like at school, we would go into a stall in the bathroom and finger each other. Then we would trade panties. During the next class, I would push the wet crotch of her panties into my pussy hentai porn free . What a turn- on it was to smell her on my fingers and know her sticky girl-cum was inside me.

We were always seeing how much we could get away with. Once in a crowded elevator on our way up to our father's office, I was squeezed in close behind Brenda. Without anyone knowing, she reached behind and slipped her hand under my mini-skirt. By the time I realized what she was doing, her finger was around the edge of my panties and into my pussy. I was so flushed, I almost fainted. As the doors opened and we stepped out, she licked her finger. "My favorite flavor," she said with a wink. I was destroyed for the rest of the afternoon.

But I always got her back. Like the time our family sat at the table eating dinner and our mother was discussing some important school event with Brenda. I sat across from my sister, and while she tried to talk, I slipped my bare foot up between her legs and rubbed her crotch with my big toe. Pay backs are hell, I thought, as I watched her squirm.

As the hot water created a cloud of steam that seemed to wrap itself around us, I leaned forward and kissed Brenda's back. Then I lathered up again and rubbing her bottom. Running my slippery hand up and down her crack, I could tell she was getting aroused, her breathing deepened and she spread her legs for me.

"Get it really clean," Brenda said, smiling over her shoulder.

"Expecting company?" I asked.

"Only that nasty little tongue of yours."

"My, aren't we horny tonight." I squatted down and ran my soapy hands along her legs enjoying the feel of her soft inner thighs. While I stroked them, my eyes never left that gorgeous ass right in front of my face, particularly her puckered little anus. It looked like a small flower, and I remembered the first time I saw it up close. We were in bed one night exploring each other's bodies using only the glow of a flashlight. Brenda lay on her stomach and stuck her ass up. She reached back and spread her cheeks so I could see her hole, asking me what it looked like. I told her I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world, next to her pussy of course. That night, we gave a whole new meaning to the term "Kiss My Ass http://porn-for-free-xxx.com/".

I continued washing Brenda's legs working my way up until I was stroking her pussy from behind. She moaned at my touch. Then I took my thumbnail and softly scratched her anus causing an immediate contraction of her cheeks. I pushed the tip of my thumb against her hole and let it gently slide in about the depth of my nail. Brenda responded by pushing back trying to force it in further. With my thumb inside her, I stood up and let my hips press up against her ass. Spreading my legs slightly, I brought my pussy against the back of my hand and started a slow pumping rhythm as my thumb slid in and out of her while I massaged her cunt.

Next, I leaned over so my breasts could lay against her back. I reached my other hand around and cupped her left breast, taking her swollen nipple between my fingers and giving it a firm squeeze. I pushed my pussy against my hand forcing my thumb into her as far as it would go.

"That feels so good," she managed to say as she met my thrusts. "Just the right size." Her words were slurred as her breathing quickened, her body trembled, her stomach sucked in and out. I know my sister well, she was going to come fast and hard. I loved the feel of my cunt pressing against my hand, but right then I was thinking only of her; all I wanted was to make her come.

God, if I only had a dick.

She climaxed with a shudder, gritting her teeth and jerking her head up and back. She made a low moaning sound as she closed her eyes, the steaming water washing over us. I slowed my thrusts and tried to support Brenda to keep her from sinking to the floor, her legs shaking, her body limp. Slowly she recovered and caught her breath. As I took my thumb out of her, I gave her pussy a few loving strokes and covered her back and neck with kisses. She straightened and turned around, her eyes glazed over with lust.

Brenda wrapped her arms around my neck and locked her mouth on mine, her tongue shot out in a hot, wet kiss. This was not a sisterly peck but a full blown "fuck me" kiss. Our breasts pressed together wet and slippery, soft and wonderful. We shifted slightly so our pussies could grind against each other's thighs.

Finally, we broke the embrace and I took Brenda by the hand. "Let's dry off and go to bed," I said.

"Is that a proposition?" she asked with a giggle.

"I heard you were an easy lay."

She kissed me again while she slid her hand down my stomach to my pussy, her middle finger resting between my folds. Then she whispered into my ear, "We're wasting time talking when we could be making love."

Shutting off the water, we opened the glass doors and stepped out. Brenda grabbed two large towels and we dried each other off. I was so turned on I wanted to pull her down on the floor and eat her right there. But before I could, Brenda threw her towel over my head.

"So you think I'm an easy lay, do you? Well, girl, if you want to fuck me, you've got to catch me first."

With that, she ran out the door and down the hall. Tossing the towel aside, I raced after her, thoroughly enjoying her girlish laughter and the sight of her bouncing ass and long legs as she disappeared around a corner.

Down the stairs we ran, two naked girls chasing each other like dogs in heat. The sight would have given any boy an instant hard-on and any girl a wet crotch. We raced around, me catching her only to have Brenda slip out of my grasp and sprint to the next room. Finally, she ran back up the stairs, heading for our parents room and their king size bed. Brenda yanked the covers off and threw them to the side. Then she scrambled onto the bed and positioned herself with her back to the headboard. I rushed in and stopped a few feet away to catch my breath.

"Is there something you wanted, young lady http://porn-for-free-xxx.com/?" she said nonchalant as if she had just noticed me for the first time.

I squatted down with my arms resting on my knees. Then I slowly ran my hands along the inside of my thighs until they were at my crotch. Brenda kept her gaze locked on the spot between my legs as I spread myself open. I was so wet that when the cool air hit my hole, it gave me a rush.

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Annie gave her boyfriend in anal

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Annie gave her boyfriend in anal

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Beautiful young girl very much loves her man Russian porn video

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Beautiful young girl very much loves her man Russian porn video

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Beautiful young girl very much loves her man Russian porn video

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Girl spreading her her boyfriend on Russian porn video masturbation

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Girl spreading her her boyfriend on Russian porn video masturbation

Girl spreading her her boyfriend that she would masturbate him on camera at first he did not want to accept but then still gave in and agreed, it set the camera to a computer desk had put her boyfriend on the bed and began to cause a girl gratified her boyfriend as she could at the time when he was just lying on the bed and enjoyed looking at the process, see the Russian porn video only on our website

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 Girl spreading her her boyfriend on Russian porn video masturbation

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Beautiful porn videos young couple on the couch in the apartment of the parents

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Beautiful porn videos young couple on the couch in the apartment of the parents

Young couple while their parents left them flat then decide how to earn money and to play in a Russian porn movie because there are very well paid. Girl to shooting a little bit shy but of course in the process used to the camera, and even as it became more excited by this guy behaved as naturally as if it is not the first shooting Russian porn in his life. After sex, he finished his virgins gently in her mouth

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Beautiful porn videos young couple on the couch in the apartment of the parents

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